Sunday, January 3, 2010

St Kilda snapshot

Monument to Councillor Edward O'Donnell, St Kilda.

Here is a notice from The Argus, 15 February 1934, p.8 (from the NLA via the new search engine Trove), which calls for public subscriptions to help erect the monument.

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  1. A nice place for pigeons and rats. It is supposed to be a water feature. Like the broken clock on the Upper Esplanade, it is neglected. I can't recall the water feature ever working, so it not due to water restrictions. A bad for CoPP.

  2. I have lived in or around St Kilda for decades and still don't know some of the sites. Do you know when the Monument to Councillor Edward O'Donnell was built? and by whom?

    I had seen the Catani clocktower many times, but didn't know much about it until I wrote

    many thanks

  3. Andrew - I guessed that it was meant to be a water feature, a pity it hasn't be restored with recycled water like many of the ones in the City of Melbourne.

    Hels - I don't know all that much more about it, I did find a notice from the Argus, which I have added to the post. My guess is that it was erected around 1934. I would like to know who designed it too, if anyone knows.

  4. Have always loved this memorial. Was pleased to see Robin Grow mention it in his book "Melbourne Art Deco". Thats one of the first books where I've actually seen more than just a picture of it.

    The current state of the "fountain" in O'Donnell Gardens is another sad tale of the total incompetence of the former council. As a St Kilda resident I am terribly disappointed that the council, who were supposed to have spent $45,000 restoring it as a #1 conservation priority in their 2008 works plan, haven't appeared to have lifted a finger since.

    An even sorrier tale is the remnant bluestone wall at the St Kilda Railway station. It is severely leaning and about to collapse. But instead of investing in our built heritage like they said they would, COPP spent the money putting a a string of lovely giant lego blocks around it to keep people away when it comes tumbling down ... inspired !

    To be honest, my rates most likely got diverted to the construction of the "Death Star", the town hall extension on Carlisle Street. Don't get me started ;)

  5. They certainly seem to have a bad track record... Let's hope a future councils decides to restore the fountain, it would make such a difference to the gardens.


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