Friday, January 15, 2010

Demolition has begun on Lonsdale House and Caldeonian Lane

I was deeply saddened yesterday to walk past Caledonian Lane and find it blocked off. Pieces were being hacked off the buildings in Caledonian Lane. For now the fa├žade of Lonsdale House is intact but for how long I don't know. Sources suggest that scaffolding will soon be erected.

A protest is planned for tonight at 6pm.

The demolition of Lonsdale House and Caledonian Lane has begun.

Protest this evening (Friday 15th January) at 6pm.

Come to Lonsdale House this evening and show your anger at Myer, the State Government and the City of Melbourne for allowing the destruction of our architectural heritage.

Please bring friends and pass this message along, we need as many people as possible.

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