Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snapshot, Ballarat

I was waiting for the bus to Daylesford on Wednesday and it was a beautiful sunny day so I took some photos. This is the station. The full temple portico is pretty impressive, I guess it speaks to the wealth of Ballarat during the nineteenth century.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Alice Hoy Code?

I took these photos at the end of last year in the Alice Hoy building at Melbourne University where I had been office squatting on and off for eighteen months. I think these interiors date to the building's construction in the 1960s. The education faculty has now mostly moved out and it is about to be renovated. I'm not sure how much of the old building will be kept. A lot was changed a few years ago but there are a few small areas of 1960s interiors left (well there were in mid December), it is not very exciting but I find them interesting nonetheless. What has intrigued me most are the brick reliefs on the stairwell. I have no idea if they are meant to mean something or are just random decoration. Anyone else have any ideas, sensible and informed or otherwise? (My photos aren't great as I only had a basic camera with me but you get the general idea). Photos go from bottom of stairs to the third level.
These are bizarre. Are they meant to be babies? Dead mice the owl (see below) has caught? Maybe there was something else now obscured by the fire cupboard, I doubt it though.
An Owl. I guess this could be intended to symbolise wisdom? I think the owl is my favourite. 

Motherly looking figure, I guess this makes sense, for an education building, but is that a key? Also she seems to be missing her babies, maybe she dropped them under the stairs...

Weird armless people ascending towards a question mark and then an arrow pointing them down again. Is this a metaphor for university?

The sun, this is at the top of the staircase, which I guess is logical.

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