Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mid 20th century flats in East Melbourne

These flats are on Simpson St in East Melbourne. I liked the similar but different look of each section. I asked my friends at the ever helpful Walking Melbourne forum and got the suggestion that the flats represent three different periods, possibly c.1939 for the block on the far right, c. 1945 for the left and c. 1960s in the middle. My favourite is the late 1930s section with the rounded concrete and slit windows.


c. 1945
c. 1960s

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Parco Ducale, Parma

Once again I am quite snowed under, though not literally considering it was 40 degrees celsius yesterday, just with work and deadlines and something called Christmas. But I found these photos I took of the Parco Ducale in Parma back in early 2005. As you can see it is winter and the park has a misty beauty, typical of the region. The garden dates back to the sixteenth century, it was largely altered in the mid-eighteenth century by the French artist and architect Ennemond Alaxandre Petitot and most of the sculpture dates to this period.

The 'ruined' temple of Arcadia. This was designed by Petitot for the wedding of Ferdinando, son of the Don Filippo of Borbone. It was used as a setting for plays and poetry readings.

The sculpture of drunken Silenus fondling nymphs, by Jean-Baptiste Boudard.

More sculptures by Boudard, many of these have been replaced by exact copies and the originals placed in museums.

The Ducal Palace, this was remodelled in the sixteenth century by the duke Ottavio Farnese.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another piece of Melbourne Art Deco bites the dust...

Sad to see this warehouse on the corner of Brunswick St and Victoria Pde seems to be in the process of being demolished. Scaffolding went up on Monday and it is already half gone. The lovely spire is till there... for now.

It's a real shame to lose this, I can only imagine something pretty uninspiring will take its place. It had been left to get so run down but it still had a beauty about it, the peeling white and pink paint, the ripped posters, the rippled patterns down the side, the faded traces of its former functions, the great hulking, yet elegant tower.

I actually bought my first proper grown up bike from here when I was about 14. It also has historic significance as one of the old Cable Tramway Engine Houses. I found this photo of it by J.T. Collins in the State Library Picture catalogue from 1975. You can see some art deco style lettering that read 'Penfolds House Wines'.

John T. Collins, 1975. Image from the State Library Acc. No.:Accession No: H96.210/120

Some recent photos pre-scaffolding.

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