Sunday, July 19, 2009

Melbourne Open House 2009

I am excitedly planning what to see tomorrow at the Melbourne Open House. In the past I have always had something else on, and even tomorrow I have to dash off by 1pm to see an opera at the Nova, which I had completely forgotten about. Anyhoo here is the website if you are interested.

Melbourne Open House.

My short list of things I can squeeze in between 10 and 12:30 is

The Melbourne Athenaeum
The boardroom of 101 Collins St (I am assuming this is UP HIGH, it had better be or I will complain.)
The Donkey Wheel House
Manchester unity (I have spent hours in the accessible parts of this building so looking forward to seeing the boardroom and other bits you usually don't see, though I admittedly I have possibly 'wandered into' several section you usually don't see).
T&G Building of KPMG House.
Capitol Theatre.
271 Colllins St.
Denmark House.
Russel place Substation.

That is probably more than enough, at this rate I will snore through the opera! Anyhoo I am currently charging my batteries and hoping to bring you many lovely pictures of the buildings that we don't usually see.

Happy gorging on Architecture Day to you all! (When I am mayor this will be an official holiday, possibly a four times a year holiday).

All photos courtesy of the Open Melbourne website.

Also see Melbourne Heritage Watch for a more comprehensive write up.

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