Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Melbourne Open House 2009 - Photos Part 1

I had a great time on Sunday. I only had about 2.5 hours to visit buildings but I managed to squeeze in seven. Not too shabby. I was disappointed to miss the Manchester Unity building and the Russell Place Substation, but the queues were just too long. I tend to agree with what some others have remarked, that the day could easily be run more than once a year, or over a whole weekend. But on the upside it is great to see so many people turning out to look at Melbourne's architecture. It gives people a chance to see inside buildings that are generally closed to the public. It also heightens the awareness more generally and reminds people (me included) to stop and actually look at the buildings around us. I saw several groups of people, little blue books in hand, stopping to admire the fa├žades or decorative details of buildings that weren't even on the Open House itinerary.

There were so many people taking photos, and below are a few of my favourites. I did have a bit of camera envy, me with my 5 year old canon point and shoot, everyone else (it seemed) with the world's biggest SLRs. But the buildings were the stars at the end of the day.

To see others' photos take a peek at the Melbourne Open House Flickr Group, where you can upload your pictures as part of a competition.

View from the Boardroom of 101

View from the Boardroom of 101 Collins St. Forum Theatre.

View across the Boardroom of 101 Collins, with the spire of St Paul's.

Glass dome of the atrium at T&G now KPMG building on Collins St.

View of the ceiling of the new foyer at KPMG.

A much photographed art nouveau lamp at the Athenaeum Library, Collins St.

The lamp in the dome of the wood-panelled lift at the Athenaeum Library, Collins St.

The ceiling of the old boardroom at 271 Collins St, formerly The National Bank of Australasia, Collins St.

The sideboard in the dining room, adjacent to the boardroom at 271 Collins St, formerly The National Bank of Australasia, Collins St.

More to come.... or check out my Melbourne Open House flickr stream here.


  1. Fantastic pics Katya. I never knew about the glass dome in the T&G - is it original ? Looks big. The little round thing that is off centre to the corbels on the ceiling of 271 Collins St annoys me though - looks like some kind of alarm ?

  2. Very nice summary Katya. The weather couldn't have been better and there increase in the number buildings that were open bodes well for next year.

  3. Thanks Sean,
    I don't actually know if the glass ceiling is original though I would presume it is. It looks the right era. I was guessing that it originally was exposed to more natural light from above. And yes I am pretty sure that is a fire alarm.

    Thanks David,

    I agree I hope there are more buildings open next year, MOH should have a wish list. Actually I may compile my own.


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