Sunday, April 12, 2009

Snapshots East Melbourne/Collingwood

Was out wandering in the late afternoon sun today and took some photos.

Clarendon Terrace, Clarendon St. Built in 1857 and nearly demolished in the 1970s. Beautiful building now the headquarters of the Menzies Foundation.

A small church on Oxford St, Collingwood. I was intrigued by it, the sun ghad caught the upper half of its facade so it stood out. I have done some quick research and found a bit of its history.
Originally it was an Anglican church, the only original Anglican church still standing in Collingwood. It was built in 1875 as St Saviours Mission church (such a late nineteenth century name!) founded in aprt in protest that another Anglican church, St Phillips, was charging for use of its pews. It had with street preaching and temperance meetings. It cost three thousand pounds to construct and was comissioned by an influential layman, Charles Baker. It was made of local Collingwood bluestone and was consecrated on 19th December 1880. More here.
Subsequently bought in 1954 by the Russian Orthodox Church and reconsecrated as the russian Orthodox Cathedral Church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin. Not sure when it was built but looks late nineteenth century. Found the info about the sale in this thesis by Michael Alex Protopopov.

An early engraving of the building from the State Library, info here. I'm not sure on the angle, I wish I had had a more careful look now! Will have to go and look again, if this is the facade I photographed (the bell tower and rose window certainly match) it has changed a little, the windows shortened and a door put in, and that side building is gone. Hmmm.

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