Sunday, April 26, 2009

Snapshot, Melbourne

Corner of Coates Lane and Lt Collins St. The Naval and Military Club was built around 1967, though the club itself has been around since the 19th century). It was put into administration back in February. I don't know anything about the architect, I liked the effect of the light and shadow playing across the fa├žade. I was thinking that without the sharp sunlight and the shadows cast by the buildings opposite the facade would be infinitely less interesting, This 1960s brutalism is not my favourite style of architecture, but I do like the way the better examples use basic light and shadow contrasts. The repetitive angular geometry, such as the thin vertical lines of the example above, can be very satisfying to look at, depending on your mood.


  1. Melbourne is far classier than Sydney when it comes to architecture. If we could put Sydney Harbour in Melbourne, we would have the perfect city!

  2. Yes Sydney Harbour is so gorgeous, maybe because you have such wonderful natural beauty in Sydney no one tried as hard with the architecture! Well apart from that fancy opera house.


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