Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snapshot, Ballarat

I was waiting for the bus to Daylesford on Wednesday and it was a beautiful sunny day so I took some photos. This is the station. The full temple portico is pretty impressive, I guess it speaks to the wealth of Ballarat during the nineteenth century.


  1. I went on an organised tour of this terrific railway station complex during the Ballarat Heritage Weekend in May 2010. The only parts you cannot visit are those interiors destroyed by fire 30 years ago (1981) eg the clock tower.

  2. That sounds interesting, I didn't take a proper look at the interiors, but I will probably be passing through again next week sometime and I must take a look inside.

    Hopefully the heritage weekend might be on again, I'd love to go.

  3. What more uplifting way to start your day or weekend than at this beautiful sight.

    The more I see of it, the more I appreciate its intricacies, functional amenity and its significance. It was a sight to behold when Steamrail Victoria brought the old engines recently. Truly like stepping back in time ... I would love to see some of the disused wings and buildings of bluestone and brick on the site put to use. Not to mention better regional rail connections.

    When you consider its age (built earlier than almost all the capital city stations), it is arguably the most impressive building of its kind in the nation.

    A tip: It is best viewed/photographed on approach from Mair Street up the escarpment ramp. A real eye opener.

  4. Thanks Sean, I agree it is possibly the most elegant train station I have seen in Australia. It had been so long since I went through Ballarat station that this is the first time I ever really stopped to have (quick) look.


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