Sunday, August 15, 2010

Look ma! I'm in the paper.

This blog has fallen down several slots in my current 'to do' list. The main reasons are imminent thesis submission and a new semester of teaching. I also have a few other projects on the go. One of which is the new group 'Melbourne Heritage Action'. It has risen from the ashes, or the dust, of Lonsdale House. Several of us felt so angry that all the community protests over the demolition of that art deco building were ignored that we have formed a new group to hopefully stop similar demolitions in the future. The National Trust encouraged us to form a  group focused just on the CBD. In part because the CBD is very vulnerable, the land is valuable and there is a demand for new buildings with CBD addresses. Also because the CBD has lacked such a group. Many suburbs have resident's groups, or heritage groups and while the CBD does have some they don't tend to have nearly as many members and are often focused on specific areas or specific buildings. Our hope is to connect all these groups and give the general public a place to find out about heritage threats and what they can do about them, how they can protest and so on.
A few weeks ago we had our inaugural meeting, and today we got a story in The Age. Please visit our site and get involved
We are standing outside Scots Church Hall, which is under threat of demolition along with the art deco car park next door and the building on the corner of Lt Collins and Russell streets.


  1. Power to you. Is it my imagination or is more under threat in Melbourne city than has been for many years?

  2. I hope this gets the ball rolling. I also wrote about our small achievement :)

  3. Cheers Adam, I have just added a link to your blog on my blogroll.

    Andrew - I would have to agree, not sure if I am just paying more attention but I do think buildings are more under threat with the city council and state government seemingly obsessed with development.


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