Friday, July 9, 2010

Snapshot, Abbotsford

Carringbush Library. Formerly Church of Christ, built 1888-9. Architect - Jonathon Rankine.

I 'found' this a few Saturday's ago. It is just off Hoddle St, opposite the side of the town hall, but I so rarely actually walk along Hoddle that I had never noticed it before. The rays of sun sparkling on the white decoration made it extra noticeable.

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  1. I love this building. I took some photos of it for Walking Melbourne a few years ago. The large plane trees certainly hide it but also add to the character of the streetscape with the Collingwood Town Hall across the road. Its real pity its surrounds (Hoddle Street) was sacrificed for road widening. If only those road planners could see it now and how choked in traffic it again became after their inspired "solution". Still its nice to have these reminders of Abbotsford's heyday.


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