Monday, April 5, 2010

Snapshot Venice, 2005.

I'm off to Venice, hope to have lots of gorgeous photos for the blog when I get back from my trip, and maybe even a sneaky update while I'm away. Though I can't promise I will spend my time seeking out internet cafes when there are Veronese and Titian paintings to see, canals to cross and prosecco to drink.

A presto!


  1. ahhh the best time of year to be there. Not too hot and the city isn't overrun with tourists yet. If you get a chance, go on a boat tour to the islands of Morano, Borano and Torcello. The arts and architecture are amazing.

    Envy is an ugly character trait, but I must own up to feeling envious.

  2. Venice is such a beautiful and unique city. I'm so jealous too =( But have fun! and enjoy yourself! =P


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