Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney - Spring Walk

For some reason (possibly thesis induced brain failure) it hadn't really occurred to that it was Spring until I stepped into the Botanical Gardens in Sydney. I tend to have a habit of visiting gardens at completely the wrong time of year, think snow and ice and sculptures wrapped in black plastic. But for once I got it right, it was a gorgeous day, about 33 degrees. I took a mass of photos so stay tuned for more.

The gardens were founded on the 13th of June 1816. The spring walk in the photos below was first planted in 1856 with azaleas, rhododendrons and similar, under the directorship of Charles Moore, who was in charge of the gardens between 1848 and 1896. In the 1970s azaleas and wisterias were more dominant.

Recently in 2004 the Spring Walk was regenerated, the azaleas were thinned out and rhododendrons, wisterias and other spring flowering shrubs were added. You can see the dominance of the flowering peaches, cherries and plums, as well as a variety of bulbs, the tulips were particularly spectacular. there is so much blossom I almost feel this blog post needs a warning for hay fever sufferers!

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