Thursday, March 5, 2009

What I'm working on... Versailles

I am currently doing some research on the fête, or divertissments held at Versailles during Louis XIV's reign. Music, theatre and gardens all came together to create a powerful political symbolism, but they also reveal much about the way that Baroque gardens were regarded, as stages for performance. The performances often lasted several days and would include ballets, feasts, concerts, plays and carousels. In recent years Versailles has once again become a stage for grand spectacles, I hope to go and see one sometime soon. Visit the photo gallery here.

All images courtesy of the British Museum online image database (go and browse, hours of fun await.)

Israel Silvestre - Première journée- The Four Seasons, with musicians. From Les plaisirs de l'ile enchantée, 1664.

Israel Silvestre -
Troisième Journée - Explosion of the palace set on the garnd canal. From Les plaisirs de l'ile enchantée, 1664.

Jean Lepautre -Sixième journée - Illumination of the Grand Canal. From Les divertissments des Versailles, 1674.

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