Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A good coat of paint..

.. has been applied to 245 Collins St, next door to Newspaper House. I don't know much about the origins of the building, I would guess it dates to the 1910s or roundabouts. I also recall before the paint was applied there were some funny sketchy paintings on the side of the building, I'm sure I have a photo but I can't find it.

Before (clearly I was actually taking a photo of newspaper house, ignoring its shabby next door neighbour):


And a last picture that shows how the vibrant green of the tiles now 'pops out', pity about the ugly awning though.

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  1. In the early/mid 70's that building was The House Of Merivale & Mr.John (Hemmes) and I would guess that's when it went pink.
    Later (78-80)it was an Ian or John Morrey hair salon (and Tammy Fraser was a client - I used to work in Newspaper House and saw her arrive more than once) and this salon is connected to The Boys Next Door getting their first gig. Strange but true.


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