Friday, October 30, 2009

Snapshot, Carlton.

A pretty façade I noticed yesterday in Carlton. Reminds me of applied stucco grotteschi type decorations from places like Hadrian's villa.

Stucco ceilings from the Ninfeo Fede at Hadrian's Villa. Image from


  1. Applied stucco is not my favourite type of decoration, but unless we protect historical examples like this Carlton house, they will certainly disappear.

    This week I wrote about the willful destruction of the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, designed by Walter Gropius. I fear Australians may be as casual about the destruction of national heritage as the Americans are.

  2. Well I certainly hope this house is relatively safe tucked away in the streets of Carlton.

  3. Interesting effect accentuated by the brutal treatment to what once would have been a verandah/arcade/loggia.

    There are some great friezes and parapets on Carlton terraces and villas. But this one makes an interesting contrast, bit of a poor man's Medley Hall. I do like the dot effect but overdoing combinations of wreaths, shells and scroll and leaf can get a bit nauseous after a while ....

    Do you have the exact address ? I intend to cover it at some stage on my Australian Terrace Houses blog.

    Cheers !

  4. Hi Sean!

    Interesting, I don't find it overdone, I really like it the way the swags are just floating in a slightly disconnected way.

    Also I just zoomed right in on my original photo and it is 14 Barrup Street, on a little square with Canning St on the opposite side.

    I was thinking of your blog the other day when I was walking down Gore St in Fitzroy, loads of great terrace houses, not sure if you have covered any of them...

  5. Thanks Kat !

    Arggh I hate Google maps deadspots ... have to head down that way soon.

    My database of photos includes lots but not all from Fitzroy and Carlton. I've been focusing on unearthing rare expamples outside of stereotypical terraced areas.

    I will see if I put up some Fitzroy ones in the next few days - just for you :)

    Cheers !


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