Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wintery gardens

I am up in the wild countryside, ahem, Daylesford, this weekend and in between enjoying a small wine by the open fire and flicking through five year's worth of Country Life magazines, I have been enjoying the beauty of the wintery garden at the house in which I am staying. I always find it a shame when reviews and discussions of gardens are so focused on spring and summer, and even autumn, to the exclusion of winter. I like the different colour palette that appears in winter. Green is at its most vibrant, such a contrast in a place like Australia where summer usually means the grass if shades of brown and yellow. Also wet tree trunks reveal splashes of orange and red, and raindrops glitter hanging from leaves and twigs. Monochrome silhouettes of trees against the grey sky and the delicate patterns of lichen and moss, usually hidden beneath a clutter of foliage. Anyway, enough of this waxing lyrical I took some photos for you all to enjoy.

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