Saturday, June 6, 2009

Urban Gardens

I often notice this garden outside the Audi dealership on the corner of Victoria St and Swanston St as I walk to the Vic Market. It sort of clings on against the odds. A perfect example of the badness of corporate and instant gardens. The company clearly paid someone to come in and install it and never have any thought to its maintenance, except maybe to replace an area if it dies completely. I often look at it and think - 'how sad'.

But then today I noticed that the plants are going a bit wild, some are clearly content in their setting despite the fact they must get virtually no water and an unhealthy dose of exhaust fumes. There is a wonderful sense of texture with the massing grassy leaves and colour contrasts. Almost like a foaming sea of foliage.

There are flashes of blue and orange from the bird of paradise plants and patterns of the succulents against the steel grey wall and the sandy soil.


  1. Great description of the garden and I loved your photos. I wonder if it is looking so good because we've had some rain and finally it has had a drink.

  2. Thanks for commenting Em. It could be the recent rain has helped it a bit. I hadn't noticed what it looked like after the hot weather, so hard to compare.


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